My work often brings me to art galleries, where I sometimes get the strongest urge to destroy the exhibits. Scratch them with my nails, punch and kick them to the ground, stomp on them. It’s a very unsettling feeling, considering I have great respect for art and would probably defend it with my life under normal circumstances.
Anon UK


A friend left his brand new cycle in my care for a safekeeping with someone he trusted.. while staring at the gleaming frame and intricate workings of the brakes and gears, a thought came into my head as to what it would look like if i took an angle grinder to it. his prize possession reduce to pieces in front of my eyes.. very unlike me
WM – London


When I’m in a big supermarket with nice wide aisles and I like the music that’s playing I feel the urge to close my eyes and waltz around the store, with my arms around an invisible partner. I’m a middle-aged woman and suspect they’d call for “the men in the white coats” if I ever acted on this urge.


When I am driving home from work I have this urge to just swerve into the other cars at 65 mph. I hate the urge and want it to stop. I love my family and don’t want to die. I don’t think I will ever do it, but I am afraid. My son appears to have obsessive tendencies too, which worries me.