I can’t explain why but, whenever I am around someone I get an unexpected urge to bite them. Sometimes it scares me and other times it thrills me. Just the other day I wanted to bite my little sister on the shoulder, all the way through, until my teeth touched each other. It was different this time though, I kept leaning in to do it but was distracted. I can usually calm down the urge by running barefoot or swimming underwater for a while. But it’s getting outta hand and now it’s not only people I want to bite. Chicken Bones, my dogs chew toy, and pencils have all been inside of my mouth now. Am I weird? No one knows about this urge but me. And I feel like if I do end up biting somebody soon, everyone will start to avoid me…

One thought on “Eighty-four”

  1. This is not good for you. Such urge is the influence of spirits. I got a solution. Every time you have such urge ,command “In the name of Jesus, i cast you out devil, you have no right to control me! Out in the name of Jesus”. Say until the urge disappear. You have to believe in what you say even if you dont know.:)

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