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138: Just Breathe!

Not coping well with stress at the moment feel on the verge of panic attacks constantly because of the pressure I’m under I find it hard to breathe, I can’t take in a whole breath my chest feels like it cannot expand and I want to push a knife through my chest under each rib so I can breathe again.

130: I’d Rather Die…

I constantly have the urge to smash my head against the wall. The urge is so strong that I do it in public places now. I also have constant thoughts of self destruction. I always think I’d rather die than do something. Like I’d rather die than go back to college after winter break.

129: Triple-dipped in psycho

So um… I have a very strong urge to pull out all of my teeth, gouge out my eyes and put my teeth in the empty sockets….

I also kinda want to stab myself multiple times in the chest and face….

I think I might be legitimately losing my mind…. I already scratched most of the skin off of my upper right arm….

And I have the urge to swallow glass, vomiting my insides all over the front porch.

I am really starting to scare myself.