Once at a funeral I had a massive urge to run up and rip the coffin open….altho this was a terrible idea and there is no way I would want to see a dead body I almost had to leave to resist the urge…


* At pedestrian crossings, I get the urge to step out into traffic.
* When the waiter tells me it’s a hot plate – I have to touch it just to see how hot it is.
* When anyone hands me something precious, I can visualise myself dropping it/flinging it away/destroying it, just to see what their reaction would be.


I live in a high floor apartment in a big city. Frequently while enjoying a cig on the balcony I find myself wanting to jump off. The combination of the mesmerising lights and fast cars below only entices me further. Eeeek.


Everyone I know – including myself – desperately wants to push those big red buttons on escalators with ‘£1000 fine’ written on them.


Every time I’m in an exam I have to resist the urge to stand on my chair and start shouting.


While trimming my fringe, I have a terrible urge to stab the scissors into my eyes.

Like your previous poster, I am also tempted to throw expensive items into bodies of water. For me it’s usually my camera


Every time I drive my car and stop at a red light, I have the urge to just stomp on the gas pedal right into the middle of traffic and see if I can make it to the other side. I also imagine the oncoming cars crashing into mine, spinning my car around and breaking all the glass.

I also get the urge while driving on the freeway to suddenly yank the wheel as hard as I can and see if my car will flip.

In the grocery store when people in front of me are walking too slowly or blocking the aisles, I want to ram into them or their cart with my cart.

When I’m with a friend and they answer a call or start texting other people I get the urge to grab their cell phones and stomp on them. One time I was with a friend around a campfire and I really wanted to throw her phone into the fire.

When I see cops I want to grab their guns just to see what they would do. I wonder if they would tackle me or shoot me, or maybe just arrest me.

I often get the urge when someone is talking to me to just slap them in the face as hard as I can and then just keep on talking like nothing happened.


I have many urges. To spin off the road at fast speed, to scream in a darkened cinema, to jump from very tall buildings and to sleep with prostitutes. I have only ever done the latter. The world doesn’t end when I act on that one but a little piece of me dies I suspect.


I have just discovered that when my mother is ironing both me and my sister have the same uncontrollable urge to reach out and put our hands on the iron.