I have the urge to stab myself in the eyes whenever I’m holding sharp objects; pencils, scissors, knives. I picture myself doing it and it makes me flinch, I have to get away from the sharp thing because I’m afraid I’ll really do it.


I can’t explain why but, whenever I am around someone I get an unexpected urge to bite them. Sometimes it scares me and other times it thrills me. Just the other day I wanted to bite my little sister on the shoulder, all the way through, until my teeth touched each other. It was different this time though, I kept leaning in to do it but was distracted. I can usually calm down the urge by running barefoot or swimming underwater for a while. But it’s getting outta hand and now it’s not only people I want to bite. Chicken Bones, my dogs chew toy, and pencils have all been inside of my mouth now. Am I weird? No one knows about this urge but me. And I feel like if I do end up biting somebody soon, everyone will start to avoid me…


Whenever I’m feeling particularly stressed or sick of other people, I have the urge to develop an eating disorder. It’s surprisingly easy.