Every time i go on an escalator a really want to slide down the bit seperating the up and down escalators. Whenever i go in a supermarket i wanna pull all the things off the shelves. Oh, and when i go in elevators i really want to press the alarm button or close the doors just as someone with a handicap comes. But luckily i havent done any of this. Yet.
Mr h.


I’m really ashamed of this – when I pass an old person walking with a stick I want to kick it away.

Also, in the theatre during a quiet bit or a pause in an opera, play or concert, I want to shout out the F-word….. I often wonder what the reaction would be and hope I don’t turn into one of those batty old ladies who do that kind of thing. It’s a worry though….


Lately I have had this strong urge to jump off something…It started innocently, just your regular items; small cliffs, little bridges, and maybe a roof or two. Luckily, every imagined jump ended in the water.

But as this urge has gone unsatisfied, I imagine myself jumping off larger and more dangerous things…


When I was doing my midwifery training a long time ago, when the cord had been cut and the placenta delivered (this is gross – be warned) I had the overwhelming urge to take the end of the cord in my hand, swing the placenta round and round – and let it go – SPLAT! – onto the pristine white-tiled wall of the delivery room.

Never did it…… still think about it.


When ever im holding a cute little animal in my hand i have a very unsettling urge to squeeze it so hard that its eyes pop out of its head. And i like animals!!!