Whenever I am in a large group and all around me are discussing what they like to do in their spare time. I get the urge to tell everyone, mainly the people that don’t know me, that I am a sexual deviant who spends his time in high school parking lots. Then just walk away without saying another word.


Where I work there is a drawer to exchange money and merchandise. There is a small drawer for the money and a larger drawer for the larger items. Whenever someone reaches their arm into the drawer to retrieve whatever they’ve bought, I get the urge to slam the drawer on their arm. Then act like there is nothing I can do and their arm is now my arm. And laugh menacingly.


Sometimes in meetings i get an urge to pull down my trousers and wee on the table in front of people.

On a more serious note im unable to go anywhere near a cliff edge in case i jump off, i dont want to die, but i dont trust myself.


sometimes when i’m alone or even with other people I have to resist the urge to bite them or myself really REALLY hard.


Whenever I am walking by the Thames, I feel an uncontrollable urge to throw myself into the water with all my possessions. So much so that I nowadays stay from the riverside pubs and eating places.


I often have the urge to punch people in the face as hard as I can. Often they are people I like. I only want to see the reaction of those around me.


Whenever I pick up my photocopies from the machine, holding the crisp white paper gives me an incredibly strong urge to give myself a deep papercut.

When plucking my eyebrows I imagine what it would be like to take a chunk right from the middle. I hoover the tweezers over and pull gently, but not enough to let the urge become reality…yet.