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I have many urges. To spin off the road at fast speed, to scream in a darkened cinema, to jump from very tall buildings and to sleep with prostitutes. I have only ever done the latter. The world doesn’t end when I act on that one but a little piece of me dies I suspect.


I have just discovered that when my mother is ironing both me and my sister have the same uncontrollable urge to reach out and put our hands on the iron.


My work often brings me to art galleries, where I sometimes get the strongest urge to destroy the exhibits. Scratch them with my nails, punch and kick them to the ground, stomp on them. It’s a very unsettling feeling, considering I have great respect for art and would probably defend it with my life under normal circumstances.
Anon UK


A friend left his brand new cycle in my care for a safekeeping with someone he trusted.. while staring at the gleaming frame and intricate workings of the brakes and gears, a thought came into my head as to what it would look like if i took an angle grinder to it. his prize possession reduce to pieces in front of my eyes.. very unlike me
WM – London


When I’m in a big supermarket with nice wide aisles and I like the music that’s playing I feel the urge to close my eyes and waltz around the store, with my arms around an invisible partner. I’m a middle-aged woman and suspect they’d call for “the men in the white coats” if I ever acted on this urge.


Working in the city i find myself randomly running into people i know that i may not have seen in a while. One day while walking to lunch i ran into an old friend at a light rail stop. We spent several minutes catching up and talking about the good days. She was standing close to the tracks with her back to the passing trains. While tallking a train fast approached the station and i had the strongest urge to push my friend in front of the on comming train.


Anytime I am around a large body of water such as, a river, lake, or ocean, I feel tempted to throw my blackberry in the water.


As I walk through Macy’s department store, I always pass through the china section and being surrounded by all the glass gives me an uncontrollable urge to break all the fine china.  I think the only thing that stops me is the fact I never have a bat as I walk by.


On the ski lift I have the urge to jump off the lift.  I like to sit on the edge of the seat and think of how fun it would be to jump, just to see what would happen to me.  The higher the lift is to the ground the greater the urge becomes.


Every time I pass a police officer or security guard I have the urge to reach out and grab his or her gun.  I don’t know what I would do once I got the gun, but it’s just sitting there in its holster – taunting me, begging me to grab it.


When going to the bank to make a deposit I get the urge to walk in the building wearing a ski mask and sunglasses.  I would first walk around the lobby acting suspicious and nervous then I would finally walk up to the teller and hand him/her my deposit slip.  I would just like to see what would happen.


When I am at school walking down the outdoor cement staircase, which contains at least thirty stairs, and there is someone slow in front of me I get the urge to push them down and watch them tumble to their death.
I have a homewrecker for a step-mom and she is the biggest wentch.  Everytime I am unfortunate enough to see her I get an almost uncontrollable urge to put her face on a curb and then ever so slightly jump on the back of her head destroying her adultrous face.
                                                                                         T-Bone in CA

This happens without fail everytime I enter a metro station or subway station. I get the unthinkable urge to jump down and stand on the tracks, thinking I can make it back on the platform before the train comes.  I usually try to stand in the middle of the platform because the urge is so strong I’ve actually almost tried, but stopped worried my sisters would think I was nuts.

Another one of my favorite urges is the urge at a green light when I’m turning left to swerve into oncoming traffic going straight. I think about the cars skidding to a stop then T-boning me and my car sliding into the intersection.

I’m also a disposal girl. When I turn on the disposal I find I’m balling my hands up in fists thinking of them crushing between the blades.

My grossest and most common urge besides the subway station is to eat unedible things. I find that when I am at work (I work at an animal clinic) and cleaning up an animal’s “accident” I get the urge to pick it up with my hands and pop it in my mouth! I’ve had the urge to lick the bottom of my shoe, or to lick a dusty desk. anything that is disgusting I usually am fighting the urge to taste! YUCK! And its a strong one… 
                                                                                         Farmington, UT

I think about taking a pair of scissors and cutting my tongue off!

We all know someone like this – people who don’t like to get dirty.  My husband is one of “these” people.  On Sundays when we are wearing our nice church clothes, I get the urge to melt chocolate on my hands and wipe them all over his clean, white shirt!!                                                                                                     
                                                                                          M & M in Utah


While I am driving down the road, I sometimes have the urge to quickly pull up on my parking break!  I picture my car twirling around as my two year old and I scream, “Wee!  Wee!”
                                                                                             M & M in Utah

Whenever I see an officer or military person with a weapon, I want to reach out and touch their gun.

I often see people whose pants don’t quite fit right.  When these people are seated, the back of their pants ride a little lower and their thong underwear is easily visible and accessible, which causes me to have an urge to grab hold, flipping the band of the exposed underwear.
                                                                                             San Diego, CA


When I am in chuch, and the preacher is preaching, I have a strong urge to stand up and scream!

When I am holding a pair of scissors, I want to cut off someone’s ponytail.

                                                                                             Las Vegas, NV

I often find myself tucking my fingers into my fist when I pass by the kitchen sink or do the dishes, out of fear that I might succumb to the urge to stick my hand into the grinding sink disposal.  OUCH!


Please!  While on an airplane, do not bend over in front of me, it causes me to have strong urges to pinch your hiney!  


I get this urge frequently and have been getting it since I first began driving a car.  It varies a little each time but it goes something like this.  I am driving high speeds (50 mph or above) along a concrete barrier.  I want to crank the wheel over and slam my car into the barrier causing it to flip in the air or spin out of control.  I always imagine the airbags deploying the glass shattering and the metal crunching.

                                                                                                            Emy in Baltimore, MD

While on an Alaskan cruise several years ago, I stood together with my family on the top of the boat for the big push off and farewell in Vancouver B.C.  I found myself inching away from the edge of the boat, not out of fear that I might fall, but rather out of fear that I might jump to my death.  I have since learned that I was not alone.