I have a very strong urge to chew on glass. When I drink from a beer bottle or a drinking glass, I often imagine biting the top off the bottle or taking a bite out of the side of the glass.

3 thoughts on “Sixty-five”

  1. So have you ever talked about this with anyone? I just googled “urge to bite glass”, as both my mother and I have discussed this. My cousin who is a doctor said it could be a sign of Pica, but most stuff on the internet on Pica doesn’t mention glass. Strange, STRANGE urge.

  2. Thank you for reading and offering the information you have about Pica to the purger and anyone alse in need of answers.  Most of the urges are completely unexplainable and without motive.  I often think it stems from a childlike curiousity but without much research on the topic of the “urge” it is hard to say.  Do you have an urge or several?  Purge the Urge now has a facebook page if you would like to “like” it and receive regular updates via facebook. 

  3. I feel this urge all the time. Not so much to chew on glass, but to take a nice healthy bite out of the top of glasses I’m drinking out of.

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